The Degrowth Database

Welcome to the Degrowth Database! We've put together something special for everyone interested in the degrowth movement: our very own Degrowth Database. It's a cosy corner of the internet where you can find a bunch of resources all about living more sustainably and valuing well-being over economic growth.

Visit the degrowth database

In this digital library, you can find

  • Details of 300 groups worldwide doing incredible work in the degrowth & post-growth space.
  • 1500 academic papers and a tool that can filter by topic, language (we’ve got 18!), and publication type.
  • A media section with over 70 pieces of content, including documentaries, blogs, and playlists (podcasts, lectures, talks, music), to start the conversation and spread ideas in global languages
  • 550 books discussing degrowth in nearly 30 languages.
  • 100+ news articles from some of the world's most well-known news publishers.
  • For those looking to learn even more, there are almost 50 educational programs listed, from master's degrees to workshops. 

To connect with others or continue the dialogue, we have also highlighted the communication channels of various degrowth communities.

And as it wouldn't be a community without coming together, we've included details on over 30 conferences and 4 international assemblies where folks share, debate, and dream up the future of degrowth.

This database is constantly growing and improving with contributions from people like you. Whether you’re here to explore, find ways to get involved, or add your own discoveries to the mix, we’re glad you stopped by. Dive in, see what you find, and maybe get inspired to join the conversation. 

Let’s make this journey together!