Degrowth 101

Welcome to the Degrowth Resource Hub, a space curated by members of Degrowth Network Australia for people to use as an entry point into the concept of degrowth.

What You'll Discover

  • Intro: Understand the principles of degrowth, why it matters, and how it proposes solutions for a sustainable future.
  • Read: Explore books, blogs and tweets that dive into the theory and practice of degrowth, offering introductory insights into how we can transition to a more equitable and sustainable economy.
  • Listen: Tune into podcasts and audio discussions featuring thinkers, activists, and community leaders who share their experiences and visions for a degrowth world.
  • Watch: Engage with documentaries and video talks that visualise the impact of our consumerist culture and highlight the myths of 'green growth'.

Let's explore the possibilities together.