Rede para o Decrescimento

Network for Degrowth

Rede para o Decrescimento (Network for Degrowth) is an open, collaborative, horizontal, non-partisan collective without legal form. Launched in 2018, it aims to connect everyone interested in, studying, practising or defending degrowth proposals. Until mid-2020, the Network's activities were driven by two centres, one in Lisbon and the other in Porto. Our actions aim to strengthen the capacity for transformative action at a personal and collective level (at a local, regional, national or global level); Intervene socially and politically with public stances; disseminate degrowth ideas, values ​​and proposals; create spaces for reflection and action, strengthening interpersonal relationships and community spirit; develop networks of mutual help and collaboration with similar movements (national and international).

  • Location
    Lisbon Portugal

Working Languages

Português (Portuguese)
English (if need be)