Institute for degrowth studies in Malmö

We are a Malmö-based group of academics and activists, but most of all a group of people concerned about the prevailing narrative of economic growth and its destructive environmental and social effects. We were registered as a volunteer-driven non-profit organization (“ideell förening”) after organising the 6th International Degrowth Conference. Since then, we have mostly arranged public events such as lectures and workshops to discuss and learn about degrowth and the degrowth movement. In our more recent activities, we are extending our work outwards, with a project that has the working title ‘A People’s Green New Deal for Malmö’. The goal of the project is to start building a coalition for social movements in the area (Malmö-Lund). Next to this, we continue to organize activities such as study circles and social gatherings, both for those who are actively involved in the group and for the wider public.

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    Malmo Sweden

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