Degrowth Switzerland

Degrowth Switzerland, Degrowth Schweiz, Décroissance Suisse, Decrescita Svizzera

Degrowth Switzerland pursues the vision of a socio-ecologically just and growth-independent Switzerland. Our goal is a sustainable economy that enables a good life for all.

We contribute to establishing post-growth analyses and solutions in public debate and political decision-making. To this end, we carry out educational work, serve as a platform for the Swiss degrowth movement and seek dialogue with all relevant actors.

Degrowth Switzerland is committed to working towards a democratic society organised on the basis of solidarity and equity. We do not accept discriminatory or inhuman behaviours and views. In our own work, we try to be sensitive towards intertwined societal discrimination, e.g. on the basis of gender, (ascribed) origin, sexual orientation, class or disability.

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    Luzern Switzerland

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