Cargonomia is a degrowth open community workspace that promotes sustainable bicycle-based logistics, grassroots community organizing, and increased access to healthy, locally produced foods in Budapest. Cargonomia also works to implement educational, research, and outreach projects that promote agroecology and organic agriculture, construction with natural materials, low-tech, increased access to cargo bicycles for citizens, and shorter, more transparent food communities in Hungary. It also welcomes volunteers and trainees through a pedagogical methodology connecting practice and theory. It often organises or participates in international and regional events, workshops or festivals around degrowth and related topics. Cargonomia co-organized the 2016 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest.

  • Location
    Budapest Hungary

Social Media

Instagram: @cargonomia_budapest
YouTube: @cargomania5408
Facebook: Cargomania

Working Languages

Magyar (Hungarian)
Français (French)