Individual Membership

Welcome, snails! We’re happy you’re thinking about joining the IDN, and we’re looking forward to achieving great things together. Below is information on how you can join IDN as an individual member.

Why Join the IDN?

  • Community and Support: Become part of a vibrant, like-minded community passionate about degrowth, where you can exchange ideas and receive support for your initiatives.
  • Personal Growth and Learning: Gain more direct access to a wealth of knowledge, discussions, and events that will deepen your understanding of degrowth and help you develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Active Contribution: Contribute to the growing impact of the degrowth movement by participating in various projects and activities, making a tangible difference in promoting sustainable and equitable living.

There are two ways to join the IDN as an individual:

  1. Join through one of our member organisations. Individuals who are already part of an organisation that is a member of the network are considered members of the IDN. Once you belong to one of IDN's member organisations, you will be connected to the rest of the IDN through the people your organisation has selected to be its delegates.
  2. (You may also want to browse this database of hundreds of degrowth groups and contact them directly to see how to get involved with them, but please note that not all groups have applied to become members of the IDN or have agreed to our principles yet.)

  3. Join as an individual member. If you would like to get involved in the IDN directly by joining one of our circles, you will need to fill out the form below.

Before applying for membership, please make sure you’ve read and agree with the IDN principles and have a basic understanding of the overall IDN structure. Then, please fill in the form below so we can get to know you better and connect you with the rest of the network. 

Please note that a vast majority of our IDN internal communication happens on matrix/element

If you have any questions about becoming a member, please contact the Membership and Onboarding Circle: join[at]