Welcome to the International Degrowth Network!

We are a global community of individuals, organisations, and degrowth allies committed to creating an equitable and sustainable world for all generations. We’re here to build connections across borders while providing a collaborative space to develop alternative pathways toward a better future.

Degrowth suggests shifting away from economic growth as the main measure of society's success and well-being.

The constant pursuit of economic growth at all costs harms the environment, uses up resources, and creates social inequality.

Degrowth asks that we pay attention to other signs of well-being, like quality of life, fairness, access to basic needs and environmental sustainability. To do this, we need to rethink our current economic system, question the idea that economic growth is crucial, and consider different models that put human well-being, autonomy, and ecological health first. This will mean changing how we consume and work and what values our society prioritises.

The International Degrowth Network aims to create a community for like-minded individuals and organisations to work together and create spaces where alternatives can thrive.

"A Network of 40+ Organisations and over 4000 Individuals"

Interested in joining the International Degrowth Network?

All individuals and organisations who want to add their voices to the degrowth movement and are willing to stand by our principles are welcome to join the IDN.

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